Our hotel complies with all the health protocols and adjusted health & safety standards, to ensure the wellbeing and health of all our guests & employees.

Below you can see our concrete proof of actions, to stop the spread of the pandemic covid-19.

Management team for medical action plan.
Recorded personal files with contact details per guest (for medical only use if it’ll be necessary, according to the GDPR policy).

Social distances of at least 1.5 m must be maintained by customers and employees.
Rigorous cleaning and sanitisation of guest rooms, corridors, and all common areas.

Frequent disinfection of contact points, such as elevator buttons, door handles, chairs and tables, handrails, WCs etc.

Antibacterial hand sanitisers are placed in common areas, such as lobbies, restaurants, bars

A medical kit is available at the front desk.

All our staff have received thorough training on our enhanced protocols, in addition to training on identifying any flu or virus-like symptoms and following a firm procedure on reporting to a medical official. Staff will also continue to receive training on global standards of sanitation.

The service of a courtesy room upon departure is no longer available.


Keep the safety distances of 1,5m whilst waiting for the lift.

Maximum number on lift use, 1pax. For couples or families this restriction does not apply.


Visitors will have to keep 1.5 m between each other (except families or friends accommodated in the same room). Markings on the floor are used, to ensure the safety distances are kept.

Seating in all waiting areas has been re-arranged to allow for safe minimum distances. However, families or couples do not have to keep this distance.

Upon arrival, you’re advised to ask about the establishment’s policy in case of health incidents and about the medical facilities in the general area.


Check-in and check-out times have been changed: check-out to 12:00 and check-in to 15:00. The added time between each check-out and check-in is necessary to ensure that each room is thoroughly disinfected between stays, and that the space is adequately ventilated with fresh air.

Please keep in mind that: all card keys disinfected after each stay. Electronic payments upon check-out. If you wish, invoices or receipts will be sent to you via email.

Cash will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances.


Please keep at least 1.5 from others in the queue.

In some departments, floor markings have been placed to aid with physical distancing.


Hotel’s rooms are for customer-use only.

No visitors are permitted.


A minimum distance of 4m is maintained between umbrellas, each of which will provide shade for two sun loungers at most – this does not apply to families with children.

Two sunbeds that are under different umbrellas cannot be placed closer to each other than 1.5 m.

Placing a towel on top of sun loungers is mandatory and considered the responsibility of the user.

People will be discouraged from placing their towels or beach mats within the “safe distance areas”.

The beach staff are on duty to disinfect sun loungers/chairs after every use.

Customers waiting in line to be served at the beach bar & restaurant should have to remain at least 1.5 m apart.


Sunbeds are placed so that two people sitting under two different umbrellas, or two people staying in two different rooms maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters in every direction.

Every time a customer leaves, seats, tables and any other item the next customer may use will be disinfected.

The use of shower before & after the pool use, is suggested.


Hotel perform a thorough cleansing and disinfection using appropriate detergents on all room, bathroom and veranda or balcony surfaces.

Feel free to scan the QR codes to gain access through your mobile device to the room service menu & hotel directory.


All sitting at restaurants and café-bars have been adjusted to the required distances.

When served by the buffets of our main restaurant & beach restaurant, you are obliged to disinfect your hands.

The minimum distance allowed between tables ranges from 90 cm to 180 cm, and no more than six people are allowed at one table, although these restrictions do not apply to families with children.

Information signs will remind you of individual hygiene rules and of safety measures applying to all spaces.

Markings on the floor to delimit safe distances for queuing are installing.

Our hotel retains the Food Safety Management System of HACCP- ISO 22000

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation on the above.

  • Please note that all the measures are subject to change.
  • We will be regularly updating this info as necessary, however measures not listed here may be implemented if this is deemed necessary.


Sincerely yours,
The Hotel’s Management

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